Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to my art blog! This needed to be created a long time ago :o

I'm currently a Sophomore Illustration student at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I've always had a hunger to learn everything in art, not just limiting myself to my major. If I could, I would be an Illustrativeanimafinefashionist. My, that's a horrible name.

 I am a huge film buff. So large in fact, that I've won the Oscars contest every year at my school.

But in all seriousness, I would like to do something in the film industry. When I watch films I love to be entranced by the story and the characters. Without that, the film is lost to me.

In my dream job, I would love to work as a story board artist. I'm pretty flexible though, as I have experience with animation, writing, various media, advertising and graphic Design, etc. and I think that as an artist being diverse is key. I'm an artist/individual who loves change and growth, and you have to be open to that idea to be an artist, right? :]

And now that you know a tidbit about me, I want to show you my work. Enjoy!