Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reminiscing - The Old and New

Here is a mix of some of my older pieces with my newer ones. It's always refreshing to look back and see how far I've come as an artist since going to CCAD.

First assignment sophomore year - create a dramatic scene.

Opposites piece from sophomore year.

For the advertising graphic design teams class last year I designed the characters for the final board game based off of fellow team mates' sketches/Nightmare Ned.

Expression study with Synthia

My take on Peter Pan- the anatomy is kind of wonky but I was trying out a new style.

Here's some pieces from earlier

Here's a mix of pieces from earlier in the year-

A Leyendecker study

An egg study in acrylic, oil and colored pencil

A nightmare piece- all I could think of is the game, Nightmare Ned.

A postcard piece- I've been exchanging postcards a lot lately.

And a quick vignette illustration.

Also, be sure to check out my Vimeo. I have produced a lot of short animations in the past semester.

It's been a while!

Between updating vimeo with animations and keeping up with my cafe sketch blog, I haven't been on here that much. Let me update with some figure drawing :]

This last photo will have a clearer version in a bit:

I'm kind of on a heightened drawing kick. Such a lovely effect.